King of the Cloud: The Future of Business Telephony Is Here

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Alex Sudheim

25 Mar 2022 Clock 2 min

Simply the Best

Those of us who are Netflix subscribers adore the simplicity of the user experience. So smooth and effortless. Technically speaking, Netflix utilises a model known as ‘software as a service’ (SaaS), a.k.a ‘on-demand software’, where software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. 

Guess what else operates in the SaaS paradigm? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony, the cloud-based business communications terrain over which Voys reigns supreme. So one might be forgiven for asking the question: ‘Why can’t my business phone system be more like Netflix?’

It sounds like an irate parent scolding one of their slovenly offspring, berating him or her for not being as smart or hard-working as their brother or sister. In a way, it is. If Netflix lets you stream countless hours of premium content with little more than a decent internet connection and a fixed monthly fee, surely your business phone system can make calling your customers as much of a breeze?

I Want to Break Free

Well, now it can. With Freedom Unlimited, Voys’ groundbreaking new business phone system product that’s so simple even gogo gets it. Instead of buying, installing and maintaining complex hardware and software, you simply access your phone system via the internet. And subscribing is a breeze.

So simple even gogo gets it

Freedom Unlimited is the full-featured, cloud-based business phone product of the kind otherwise only accessible to large corporations. It gives you the freedom to connect any time and anywhere using any device on any network. Furthermore, it gives you the freedom to design and manage the system to suit your particular requirements. It’s that mythical substance known colloquially as ‘champagne on a beer budget’.

One of the most notable reasons why Netflix has achieved such prominence and dominance is the fact there are no long-term contracts to worry about. With Freedom Unlimited, you will similarly never be locked into any kind of contract. In other words, what Netflix is to streaming, Voys is to VoIP.

Taking Care of Business

In this sense, Voys is the purest form of the SaaS model in the VoIP landscape, primarily due to the simplicity, flexibility, freedom and control its platform allows the user. Furthermore, Voys customers enjoy a completely transparent journey with the highest-rated service and support in the industry.

Voys colleagues are always on hand to put a smile on your dial

We all make data calls using WhatsApp. But that doesn’t cut it in the business world where you’re making crucial calls to customers’ cellphones and landlines each and every day. What’s called for here is an application that organises all your business calls through a single number via a hosted, cloud-based PBX. Freedom Unlimited does exactly that. Premium, professional telephony software you can subscribe to for a fixed monthly fee with free national calls.

If you’re a smart business owner this isn’t news to you. Much like fibre and Netflix, VoIP is one of those things you just have to have. But which VoIP? According to an industry expert, ‘no other company gives you the level of freedom and simplicity Voys does. You connect and call. Configure and customise to your heart’s content. Zero manual coding. Total simplicity.’

And don’t forget: free national calls.

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