Business phone calls with Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams to connect to any telephone network with your business number. Our Teams Connector ensures seamless integration between your VoIP phone system and Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft 365 business voice

Your Voys phone system merges seamlessly with Microsoft Teams from Office 365 to manage all your business communications in one place. Conveniently call from the Teams app, fall back on a colleague or transfer to a teammate. Other useful functions of the VoIP platform, such as opening hours and voicemail, can also be used.

Microsoft Teams: an almost complete tool

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular communication tools in the new normal of working remotely. It offers employees a secure and integrated solution to chat, meet, share content and collaborate with one another and their customers.

However, one element is still missing from this Microsoft Teams experience: external calling. But, don’t stress, we have you covered. Thanks to our Microsoft Teams Connector, you can now call with your fixed business number via Microsoft Teams.

  • Voice calls from any device

    The Microsoft Teams app can be installed on any desktop or mobile device. Teams integrates your Voys cloud PBX into the shared business environment to create a complete Microsoft 365 business voice system. In addition to the usual Teams features such as sharing files, chatting and video calling, Teams can now also be used to make and take phone calls with your business number.

  • Upgraded Communications

    Phone numbers, opening hours, fallbacks, voicemail, you name it - all of these are easily organised via the Voys telephony platform in the cloud. Now you can make phone calls on a VoIP device, with a mobile device or with the Microsoft 365 Teams app. With the integration of Microsoft Teams and your phone system, you can conveniently manage all your business communications in one place.

What do you need?

To enable external calling in Microsoft Teams, you need a number of things:

  • A phone number and Voys VoIP account. Both of these elements are included in all Voys subscriptions. One VoIP account is sufficient for a Teams user. The Teams app can then be used on all desktop and mobile devices. It is even possible to use a desk phone that is Teams compatible. All this via the same VoIP account.
  • A Microsoft 365 license. A Microsoft 365 Phone Systems license permits external call functionality via VoIP integration in Teams. With the Enterprise Office 365 E5 license, external call functionality is already available.
  • A Voys Teams Connector license. This license makes it possible to link the Voys platform to the Microsoft Azure environment, by means of a certified SBC structure.

Enrich Teams with Voys

Microsoft 365 business voice calls can be made from desktop and mobile.

Easy and fast integration

Voys’ award-winning cloud PBX integrates seamlessly with Teams.

Communications in one place

All your business communication needs met by Microsoft Teams.  

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