The Right VoIP for your Business

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Alex Sudheim

28 Sep 2021 Clock 3 min

Industries of all types and sizes around the world have been disrupted by the global pandemic. Yet even the dark cloud of COVID-19 has a silver lining. This comes in the form of a sharp increase in the amount of businesses embracing digital and data-driven services for the benefit of both themselves and their customers. 

As the costs of digitalisation continually decrease, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa are becoming particularly adept at benefitting from the opportunities presented by digital technology. One such technology is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which allows even the smallest start-up to conduct its client communications with unprecedented professionalism. 

VoIP is sometimes referred to as a ‘telephone system in the cloud’ or simply a ‘digital PABX’ because it’s a business phone system that does everything the traditional kind does. Crucially, however, it does so by cutting the copper and conducting all communications over the internet. 

As such, VoIP immediately liberates businesses from that relic of a bygone era known as the ‘landline’ by making them mobile, flexible and infinitely more capable of meeting their customers’ needs. Furthermore, a good VoIP system allows users complete control over the nature of their client user experience as well as the cost of client communications. 

Business can be conducted from anywhere at any time and teams working remotely can operate seamlessly as a coherent unit. The ability to render essential service and support to customers wherever and whenever adds systemic value to any business seeking to stake its claim in the industry landscape and grow to its full potential.

When it comes to choosing which VoIP provider is best suited to your business needs, one ought to bear in mind that not all VoIP systems – or their providers – were created equal. The system developed by Voys was specifically designed with SMEs in mind so that small businesses can readily acquire a fully-fledged business phone system in the cloud that allows them to operate at the levels of professionalism, proficiency and productivity required to build their brand and grow their business.  

The Voys platform is called Freedom and is one of the most sophisticated pieces of digital communications software in South Africa. It was meticulously engineered and designed by Dutch company Devhouse Spindle, a partner of Voys and one of the leading software development firms in Europe.

Unlike other VoIP systems, Freedom uses open-source software which gives the user complete control over its functionality. This aspect of Freedom gives businesses the edge over the competition. For example, should the internet drop in your office, you can immediately adjust your dial plan to divert all calls to cellphones. 

Or, should you need to communicate important information to your customers, you can record your own messages. You can also add your own hold music and ringtones without ever having to contact your service provider for tech support as everything is simply and immediately customisable. Should you need to call us though, our tech support is the best in the business. 

According to one of the thousands of delighted Voys customers: ‘Our company has been using Voys after trying out other VOIP services. The wide array of configurable options and features that are available in the Customer Dashboard is unmatched here in South Africa.

Another significant advantage of Freedom is that you aren’t locked into any contracts. Most VoIP providers stipulate at least 1 month or a year – with us the contract is on a day-to-day basis and you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. This allows users far greater oversight for you can control which features you do and don’t use and only pay for the ones you need. 

Freedom is simply a piece of software that doesn’t require any fancy hardware to run. Once installed, it immediately transforms your computer (via the Webphone) and your mobile device (via the 4G app) into fully-fledged professional phone systems with all the bells and whistles. All you need is a stable internet connection and you’re on your way. 

For those with more elaborate requirements, you can also equip yourself with dedicated VoIP phone sets, headsets and various other advanced accoutrements which can be viewed here. And when it comes to setting everything up in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, our customer success managers are so on the ball they give Ronaldo a run for his money.

If you want your business to be part of our journey of setting new standards of excellence in customer service, join our growing legion of satisfied customers by calling us today and your business will be purring like a panther in no time at all.