Simplicity and flexibility

Your company’s telephone system in the cloud? It’s easy with Voys Freedom. Activate or cancel services at any time. We offer Freedom!

With an app, browser plugin and phone system in the cloud, you control and manage your professional phone system. Anywhere and at any time. Freedom is calling!

Choose a telephone service provider that sets you free

Voys Freedom means maximum flexibility and optimal availability for your business. You’re in good company. Over 7,000 customers are very happy with our services.

The best technology + great service = happy customers

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    Our VoIP platform has been nominated for several awards including the Shell LiveWire Awards. Voys is also a Deloitte Fast50 company, 4 years in a row.

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    More than 97% of our customers are more than happy with our telephone services.

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More telephony, less costs

It’s time to experience a reliable and flexible telephone company that helps your business save money too.

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  • Can I forward calls to my cell phone?

    Absolutely! When you're using fixed phones, forwarding to you cell phone is a nice add-on. For instance when you're on the road a lot. You can also forward all inbound calls to your cell phone. We call this a Virtual Number. You can easily manage call forwarding via Freedom, your phone system in the cloud.

  • Can I keep my number and how does it work?

      Your phone number is an asset. Move your number to Voys (We'll deal with Telkom).
    • Print the number porting mandate on your business letterhead and email it to us together with a recent invoice of your current provider and a copy of the ID of the telephone account holder. We'll send the request to your current provider.
    • After approval we need to be patient. It takes roughly 10 workdays. Your number will remain available in the meantime.
    • On the day your number is moved over we will test to ensure that your number is working correctly and will be the first to call on your new line.
  • How long does it take to activate

    No time at all! After some (RICA) paperwork is out of your way. We can set up your phone system in one workday. Do you require VoIP phones too? Add an extra day for shipping.
    • Give us a call Do you prefer the best advice ASAP? Call us on 021 012 5000 between 9AM-5PM. Your personal contact will send you a proposal within 1 workday. You'll be up and running in just a few days.
    • Request information Would you like us to contact you for proper advice? The best way is to send us an information request. One of our VoIP advisers will contact you within one workday and send you a proposal if requested. Your new phone system can be live within a few days.