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Seamlessly connected from home or anywhere with the Webphone. Make and receive calls, toggle presence, check the availability of your colleagues, monitor call queues.

The Voys Webphone is a softphone application that turns your computer into a fully-fledged business telephone. Enjoy all the features of your business phone system without the need for extra hardware.

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The Webphone is free for all Voys subscribers

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Softphone used with headsets

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Pros of softphones

Call with your office number from wherever your computer is.

No more cell reimbursements for business calls. Everything is conveniently billed on one invoice.

Update your telephonic availability in real-time wherever you are.

Need to know

Softphones make a great addition to your business phone system. But before you dive straight in:

Read about the good, the bad, and the ugly of softphones

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