Open source

Open source is directly linked to the core values of Voys. We believe that the world is a better place when communication is open and free for everyone. This thought is intertwined in the way we work, the products we build, and the expertise we share.

We develop technology that connects and the best way to do that is together. We do this with an ever-growing group of companies, developers, and enthusiasts in the community. Many of our projects are shared under open source licenses and we invite others to collaborate with us.

  • Circle check filled We develop technology that connects people
  • Circle check filled We share our projects under open source licenses
  • Circle check filled We collaborate with others
  • Circle check filled Everyone can contribute, everyone can benefit

Projects we open source

The main projects we are currently have that are open source are the Webphone, Android and iOS app libraries.

  • The Webphone

    The Webphone is a TypeScript Progressive Web App (PWA) that allows you to call in the browser. It includes a complete user interface and a layer of abstraction around SIP.js. It’s available under MIT license and can be found on Github.

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    The iOS app

    The iOS app is a clean app, with a clear separated architecture. Core elements are written in Swift where Flutter is used for all the generic components which make up about 80% of the code, which is shared with the Android app. This enables rapid development in a clean architecture. The iOS app contains: iOS-Phone-Lib, written in Swift. You can find the code for the different libraries on GitHub.

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  • The Android app

    The Android app shared a lot of its code and architecture with the iOS app. The components closest to the Android core are written in Kotlin. You can find the different libraries for the app code on Github.