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Seamlessly move your phone number from your old provider to Voys. Or select from our geographic (021, 012 etc), non-geographic (087) or international phone numbers.

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Geographic vs non-geographic phone number
  • Call rates are free in South Africa

    What is a geographic phone number?

    A geographic phone number is a fixed-line telephone number beginning with a geographically assigned area code (e.g. 012 for Pretoria, 021 for Cape Town). The primary advantage of geographic phone numbers is that they are widely recognised and trusted by local customers. When you acquire a number through Voys, you automatically get access to our self-service web portal. This means you have access to a fully-fledged business phone system with all the bells and whistles. We put the power in your hands. Easily self-manage your phone system from anywhere, any time. That’s Freedom!  

  • Non-geographic phone number can be used world wide

    What is a non-geographic phone number?

    Unlike traditional fixed-line numbers, non-geographic telephone numbers (087 numbers) are regarded as ‘national’ numbers . Non-geographic numbers can not be traced back to a certain city or region within South Africa. Such numbers are commonly used by organisations that conduct business nationwide, not just in a specific area. Traditionally, 087 numbers are used to serve clients from one central call center. Calls can then be transferred to departments that are located anywhere in the country. 087 numbers are best suited for businesses who wish to establish the perception of having a national presence.

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