The Voys Model

The Voys Model is an organisational structure based on self-management. It incorporates similar practices to that of Holocracy. At Voys, there are no managers or hierarchal pecking orders. Instead, colleagues are given the freedom to manage their own roles, while holding each other accountable for productivity.

Accelerating progress

Every Voys colleague has the authority to improve company procedures. Traditionally, such improvements would only be authorised by upper management. Voys does things differently. We remove the bureaucratic red tape, speeding up progress and change. Senior managers are often out of touch with general operations of a company. This, accompanied by autocratic attitudes, often sees progressive suggestions by the work force unheard. We remove the obsolete middle man, because every colleague has the potential to improve the company.

Voys Model

“It’s not the fastest or strongest that survives. It is the one that is most responsive to change.”

Happy colleagues, happy customers

The Voys Model is what inspires our colleagues to give their best. If one is given the opportunity to improve their own career, why wouldn’t they? This is why the Voys colleague naturally takes ownership of their role. Instead of just being an employee, individuals become an integral part of the business. Our secret to success is simple. We cultivate happy colleagues, who in turn cultivate happy customers.

There are three things that make someone a full-fledged professional.

  • Identity : who you are
  • Security : security about the basics
  • Significance : how you will contribute

With the Voys Model, every colleague achieves this criterion.