The Voys Model

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Happy colleagues = happy customers

Company Culture

The Voys crew is a tightly-knit team of smart, passionate individuals inspired by delighting South Africans with the kind of customer service that sets new standards for the industry. ‘The service was on another level’; ‘the after-sales service has been amazing’; ‘impeccable and friendly service’ is the kind of feedback we regularly receive. It’s the rocket fuel that launches us out of bed.

We pride ourselves immensely on the product we provide and the service we deliver it with. Whether a colleague’s primary roles are in customer success management, tech support, accounts, marketing or anywhere else, we’re all working toward achieving the same goal: proving to South Africa that we can expect, and receive, consummately professional, world-class customer service.

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Our vibrant work culture is an expression of our colleagues, a spirited lot who work hard and play hard. We live our values of openness and equivalence every day: the energy is infectious and the camaraderie contagious. We’re not just employees but distinct individuals, each of whom is an integral element of the business. Our secret? Happy colleagues = happy customers.

‘It turns out you can fall in love with a job in telecoms’ – Read more

We’re hiring!

Be the captain of your own ship. Freedom is calling. We’re looking for self-motivated individuals who are inspired by setting new standards of customer delight.

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For humans, by humans

Organisational Culture

We wouldn’t be so good at how we work if we hadn’t made serious strides in evolving the way we work. At Voys we practice a groundbreaking new style of organisation based upon the principle of self-management. This translates into a system where individual autonomy is balanced by individual responsibility. In other words, the only boss breathing down your neck is yourself.

“With great freedom comes great responsibility” – Nelson Mandela

The Voys Model in action

The Voys model embraces several core tenets of Holacracy, a modern management practice in which obsolete command hierarchies are transformed into agile, self-organising networks where every voice carries equal weight. Instead of grinding away at a single job function, colleagues occupy a variety of roles. Each role carries a set of accountabilities, the meeting of which we hold ourselves and one another responsible for.

This degree of freedom must naturally be met with a concomitant degree of self-reliance as the workload is heavy, the pace fast and the learning curve steep. This progressive way of working is not for everyone. However, for those who fit the mould, the rewards are considerable: colleagues who prove themselves adept at self-management are eventually able to take advantage of the new horizons opened by the world of remote working.

“Self-management means creating the right parameters so that all colleagues can make independent choices in pursuit of the purpose of the organisation.”

– Edward ter Horst,