About Voys Telecom

Voys telecom strives to unlock the immense potential of South African business by pioneering the kind of customer support South Africans have a right to. Our mission is to radically transform the telecommunication industry by providing clients with the tech tools to cut costs, achieve growth and enjoy maximum freedom and flexibility.

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What to expect from Voys Telecom

Voys is founded upon a vision to liberate businesses from legacy phone systems by embracing the future of digital communication. Every South African company deserves a tailored telecom solution that is both highly professional and exceptionally affordable. We empower businesses to self-manage their phone systems. From anywhere, anytime. Just the way it should be.

At Voys we liberate not only our clients but our colleagues. We don’t believe in hierarchical management systems but in the independence, initiative, discipline, responsibility and maturity of every colleague. This is why Voys colleagues are the happiest in the telecom industry and, to paraphrase Richard Branson, happy colleagues create happy clients.

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Voys Telecom Values

The Voys values form the foundation of who we are. They are the DNA of our brand and are integrated into our company and our colleagues. They play a major role in creating a vibrant business environment and our ability to maintain an industry-leading customer rating.

  • Open

    We are open and transparent in what we do, how we do it and why we do it. We develop open technology with an open mindset and we share our knowledge freely.

  • Evolving

    Change is a verb we embrace, both in the way we work and the technology we develop. We ask the ‘why’ questions and challenge the status quo. We are inspired by the promise of progress the future holds and grow by pushing ourselves to be 1% better every day.

  • Supportive

    We are mense, not machines. Our nature is to nurture and kindness is our greatest feat. We are thoughtful, helpful, resourceful, caring and co-operative.

  • Equivalence

    We don't look at your job description, we don't look at your title. We look at who you are, what you do and how you do it. That’s how we unite as a team and that’s how we work together. We treat everyone as peers because we are all equal in our differences.

Who we are

How did Voys Telecom start

Voys was founded in 2006 as a spin-off of TNO, the leading organisation for applied scientific research in the Netherlands. Headquartered in Holland, Voys soon expanded to Belgium and Germany with Voys South Africa establishing itself in Cape Town in 2013. Voys has been a Deloitte Technology Fast50 company for 4 years in a row.

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Voys company culture

As a horizontally structured organisation, Voys believes in the individual’s capacity to successfully manage their professional lives. This means every colleague knows exactly what they are responsible for and by when. However, they are free to determine for themselves the optimal manner in which to achieve these goals. Most importantly, as a self-managed organisation, all voices of Voys are heard at every level.

Voys Telecom Customers

Our clients range from agile entrepreneurs to start-ups to corporates such as MSI Computers, Royal Dutch Airlines, Disney and Gazprom. We are proud to be the highest-ranked South African telecom provider in terms of customer satisfaction. More…

“Voys has been brilliant to work with in terms of service and product. Very helpful service and quick delivery. It was easy to set up and the business was able to communicate easily. Good quality calls and the wireless system makes everything a whole lot easier. From a business perspective we were never waiting for Voys to do their part the only waiting period was Voys waiting for us to accept the quote. Was a pleasure doing business with them and they were absolutely fantastic.”
Daniel Coetzee, J.C Group

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