About Voys Telecom

Voys strives to be the best telecom company for business. We are on a mission to radically transform the telecommunications industry in South Africa. Our customers enjoy maximum freedom and excellent support.

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What you can expect from Voys

We started Voys to offer businesses maximum flexibility and control over their telecommunications. We believe that telecom providers in South Africa can and should allow every business the freedom to self-manage their telephone systems.

Voys is not just another telecom company. Our business is freedom. We offer freedom to our customers and our colleagues. Voys is therefore proof that happy colleagues cultivate happy customers.

Our purpose is to empower and inspire every business in South Africa to become people centric. It is this purpose that drives us to continue building Voys around six core values:

  • Open

    Open dialogue is the foundation of every worthwhile relationship. We don’t keep secrets and we don’t beat around the bush. We are warm and inclusive, friendly, but direct. What you see is what you get.

  • Supportive

    We’re humans NOT robots! By nature, we nurture and kindness is our greatest feat. We enjoy helping and serving with a personal touch. We empathise with vigor and never patronise or judge.

  • Adapt and Grow

    “The only constant in life is change” (Heraclitus), so we embrace it. Our youthful curiosity keeps us developing as people and as a business. We adapt to our environment and grow with our clients. Advancement is our purpose and evolution our science.

  • Collaborative Autonomy

    “No man is an island”(John Donne). We’re independent, resourceful and self-motivated individuals, but we collaborate to learn and participate to win. We manage ourselves and take ownership of our roles. We account for our actions and air our own flaws.

  • Impactful

    With great Freedom comes great responsibility, but are you making an impact? We are an output oriented business, focused on individual efficiency as a measure of value. How time is managed remains up to the individual, but being productive is always the residual.

  • Joy

    “What’s the point of working hard & being successful if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing?”(Richard Branson). Don’t take yourself all too seriously. Have a laugh, take a break! When you love what you do, you don’t work a day.

These values have created a great business environment, with happy colleagues serving happy clients. Our customers frequently refer to us as one of the best telecommunications companies in South Africa, rating us 9.6 on a 10-point scale.

Who we are

Voys was founded in 2006 as a spin-off of TNO, the leading research facility in the Netherlands. Our VoIP platform has been nominated for several awards including the Shell LiveWire Awards. Voys is also a Deloitte Technology Fast50 company for 4 years in a row.

Voys Telecom Remote Work

As a flat organisation, Voys beliefs in empowering individuals to self-manage their professional lives. This means every colleague knows exactly what they are responsible for, and has the freedom to meet those expectations however they deem fit. It’s about having the power to make changes and improve things – beyond what is required from you.


Our clients range from freelancers to corporates such as MSI Computers, Royal Dutch Airlines, Disney and Gazprom. We are proud to be the highest ranked telecom provider in terms of customer satisfaction. More…

“Voys has been brilliant to work with in terms of service and product. Very helpful service and quick delivery. It was easy to set up and the business was able to communicate easily. Good quality calls and the wireless system makes everything a whole lot easier. From a business perspective we were never waiting for Voys to do their part the only waiting period was Voys waiting for us to accept the quote. Was a pleasure doing business with them and they were absolutely fantastic.”
Daniel Coetzee, J.C Group

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