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Setting a new standard in customer delight

Voys Telecom strives to unlock the immense potential of South African business by pioneering the kind of customer service South Africans have a right to. Our mission is to provide premium voice communications services to modern South African SMEs in order for them to run their businesses better and seamlessly connect with their customers.

What to expect from Voys Telecom

Voys is founded upon a vision of a South Africa where people can expect and receive excellent service from organisations and hold them accountable by voting with their wallet. Every South African company deserves a tailored telecom solution that is both highly professional and exceptionally affordable. We empower businesses to self-manage their phone systems. From anywhere, anytime. Just the way it should be.

At Voys we liberate not only our clients but also our colleagues. We don’t believe in rigid management systems but in the independence, initiative, discipline, responsibility and maturity of every colleague. Our secret is simple: happy colleagues = happy customers.

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Voys Telecom Values

The Voys values form the foundation of who we are. They are the DNA of our brand and are integrated into our company and our colleagues. They play a major role in creating a vibrant business environment and sustain our ability to maintain an industry-leading customer rating.

Who is Voys telecom

How did Voys Telecom start?

Voys was founded in 2006 as a spin-off of TNO, the leading organisation for applied scientific research in the Netherlands. Headquartered in Holland, Voys subsequently expanded to the republic with Voys South Africa founded in Cape Town in 2013. The company has since further grown into the Belgian and German markets. Voys has been a Deloitte Technology Fast50 company for 4 years in a row.

Voys company culture

Voys believes in the individual’s capacity to successfully manage their professional lives. This means every colleague knows exactly what they are responsible for doing and by when. However, they are free to determine for themselves the optimal manner in which to achieve these goals. Most importantly, as a self-managed organisation, all voices of Voys are heard at every level.

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