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Voys offers phone numbers, a telephone system in the cloud (PABX), VoIP phones, headsets, and softphone applications such as a 4G app and Webphone.

Voys colleague using PABX phone system online

What we offer

Phone system (PABX)

In Freedom, our phone system “in the cloud” (PABX), you have the freedom to manage your business from anywhere, at any time.

Phone numbers

We provide new geographic, non-geographic (087 numbers) and international numbers. You can also keep your current number.


Select a VoIP phone from our range and make calls the way you want to. Desk phone or cordless. With or without a headset.

Freedom is easy online management


In the dialplan you define what happens when your number is called. To ensure that you are always optimally accessible.

24/7 management

Configure all Voys services through a beautiful and straightforward self-service web portal, 24/7. That’s true freedom.


In Freedom you can easily view detailed call records and statistics.

Sound easy? Well.. it is!

Freedom = optimally available, save money and maximum flexibility. You’re in good company, with professional support! Get a PABX phone system that works for you.

PABX features

Standard features

Included in all subscriptions. We also offer Call Recording which is subject to per use charges.

PABX Standard Features


Add-on features

If you are an advanced user, we have some nifty additional features you can add to your PABX. 

PABX add-on features

Work remotely with softphones

  • The Voys 4G app

    Carry all the features of your business phone system in your pocket with the Voys 4G app. Your clients won’t realise you’re secretly climbing Table Mountain or working from home.

  • Voys Webphone

    The Voys Webphone turns your computer into a fully-fledged business telephone. Leave your desk phone at the office and work from your favourite coffee shop. Anything is possible!

  • Browser plugin

    Click to call with our Browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox. Conveniently toggle your availability and check if your colleagues are available directly from you internet browser.

Microsoft Teams integration

Make and take phone calls directly via Microsoft Teams. Our Teams connector seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 so you can manage all your business communications in one place.

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Voys = freedom

  1. Freedom of  location: work from anywhere.
  2. Freedom of  installation: no technician required. Connected within one day.
  3. Freedom of  contracts: cancel anytime, no questions asked.
  4. Freedom of  bundles: only pay for what you use.
  5. Freedom of  solution: a bespoke PABX phone system that fits your needs.

More Calls, Less Costs

It’s time to experience a reliable and flexible telephone company that helps your business save money too. Liberate your business today! Get a PABX phone system from Voys.

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