Fair Use Policy

‘Fair use’ is defined as making regular phone calls to support the routine operational requirements of a typical business. Use by call centres is excluded. The resale of the service in any shape or form is strictly prohibited.

The fair use threshold is set to 500 outbound minutes per User per month. Minutes are pooled. For example: with 3 Users, the total Fair Use threshold equals 1,500 minutes. One User can call 1,000 minutes as long as the total minutes called by all three Users combined does not exceed 1,500 minutes. Minutes do not roll over to the next period.

What we do

  • In case the Fair Use threshold is exceeded, we contact you to request you to add (a) user(s) to increase the threshold.
  • If there is call behaviour that, in objective circumstances, must be regarded as excessive use (such as recurrently exceeding the threshold without adding users), we may add additional users to your account to match the use. We will inform you about this should it happen.

What we don’t do

  • Charge excess call time beyond the Fair Use threshold.
  • Auto-suspend your account when the Fair Use threshold is reached.

What’s included

  • Unlimited calls to other Voys subscribers
  • Unlimited inbound calls.
  • Free calls to South African phone numbers (Fair Use). Including all SA networks: cell phone numbers, landline numbers, special rate numbers (i.e. 086, 087).

What’s excluded

  • Calls to international numbers (Charged per second).
  • Calling South African phone numbers from an international Voys phone number. E.g +49 etc.