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Alex Sudheim

4 Oct 2022 Clock 2 min

Like the shrill shriek of Hadedas in the morning, load shedding is an unwelcome intrusion that isn’t going away anytime soon. However Voys’ peerless VoIP platform, aptly named Freedom, ensures that Eskom’s blithering doesn’t bliksem your business. 

TLDR: The Voys Hosted PBX, the platform that handles your business’ incoming and outgoing calls, is located in the cloud. This makes it immune to power outages. When the juice is cut off, the calls are not. 

Electric Avenue

It’s hard to look on the bright side of life when the lights keep going off. But we South Africans are a resilient and resourceful lot. When life gives us lemons, we make lemonade. When life refuses to give us electrons, we switch to VoIP to keep the phones ringing. 

Freedom, the Voys Hosted PBX, relieves your business from much of the grief brought on by Eishkom. We keep your phone system up when the power goes down.

Before Kindle there was candle

Always Available

Even if you’re not investing in UPS’s and inverters, being without electricity or access to the internet doesn’t mean business has to grind to a halt. A normal phone system flatlines as soon as the power goes out. But, because the Voys Hosted PBX is cloud-based, it’s not affected by load shedding. All our servers are in data centres with emergency power supply: should one go offline, a server in another geographic location seamlessly takes over.

If your office is struck by a power failure or loss of internet connection, your Voys PBX stays online and you won’t miss a single call. Your business’ welcome message and auto attendant (IVR) always remain active. You determine, in your dialplan, how inbound calls are routed according to your specific requirements. Calls are automatically routed according to the devices available on your network. Typically, these devices include – but are not limited to – deskphones, mobile phones and computers

Staying Connected

The system detects which devices are available and routes calls according to your preference. If a call is not answered, the system moves to the next available device in the queue, be it in SA or abroad. The system keeps trying until the call is answered by you or a colleague. In the highly unlikely case that all your devices are without internet, calls can be forwarded to your cellphone or any other fixed line destination. If the call still remains unanswered, it will eventually hit voicemail. Voicemails recorded by customers are sent directly to your email inbox.

VoIP setup during loadshedding
The antidote to load shedding

Similarly, outbound office calls can be made from desk phones, softphones (e.g. the Voys 4G App for mobile and Webphone for computers). The Voys softphone app sends out the caller ID of your business just like it would if you were calling from a desk phone: as far as your customers are concerned, it’s simply business as usual.

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