Voys Launches Dedicated Partner Program

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Alex Sudheim

28 Aug 2023 Clock 3 min

Voys has spent the past 17 years designing, developing and building Freedom, one of the most sophisticated business telephony systems in the world. As a result, the company is among the pre-eminent VoIP providers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and of course, right here in the republic. 

Since Voys’ unerring purpose is to establish a new standard of excellence in customer service, the company is continuously exploring novel ways to bring the liberating power of Freedom to as many businesses as possible. One such initiative is the exciting Partner Program, in which companies team up with Voys as either a Reseller Partner or a Wholesale Partner.

Reseller Program

As the well-known African proverb goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”. It certainly applies to the Voys reseller program: more than 200 ICT companies already act as value-added resellers by providing Voys services to their customers on a daily basis. In doing so, they all enjoy all the tremendous benefits of the Reseller Program.

Firstly, the reseller decides how – and how many – customers are served. Naturally, the more customers, the greater your income and the greater your growth. Secondly, Freedom is a future-proof platform: unlike generic 3rd party VoIP systems, Freedom is a proprietary platform which means Voys meticulously maintains, updates and upgrades it to continuously improve the value it adds to customers.

Freedom: optimal customer communications for the modern business.

Speaking of Freedom, its unrivalled bouquet of world-class features – such as recent innovation Voys Reach – has been designed for the most intuitive user experience possible. Freedom is as easy to understand and operate by resellers and their customers alike. As a reseller, you can easily manage all services and your customers can effortlessly configure their own systems. Nevertheless, training and webinars are provided together with marketing support, should this be necessary.

Freedom is designed with the modern business in mind in that everything is in the cloud. Freedom integrates all systems with one another to create an optimised, seamless experience for your customers. Last but not least is the freedom and flexibility involved: Voys doesn’t do long-term contracts and services can be cancelled any time. 

The Reseller Program is tiered into three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. This means there is always a level that matches your ambition and capacity. The only caveat here is that only existing Voys customers qualify to become a reseller. However this isn’t the case with the exciting wholesale program.

When you partner with Voys, customer delight is guaranteed.

Wholesale Program

Those with their sights set on the major leagues can take advantage of the White Label Partner Program. Here you get to offer the full functionality that Voys offers, with the major difference being that the Freedom self-service web portal is rebranded with your company’s logo and corporate colours.

However your customers are your customers: you handle sign-ups; gather the required documents (e.g. RICA); set up services and take care of billing and customer support. Voys will never contact your customers directly.

Wholesale partners receive discounts on the retail rates for calls and services, with this discount increasing as total turnover increases. Partners are free to set their own pricing and rates may be higher or lower than Voys’ retail rates.

Upon joining the program, every Wholesale Partner receives training to assist them with everything from onboarding a customer to troubleshooting customer issues. Included in the program are up to 8 hours of 1-on-1 online training as well as support documentation and videos to assist with best practices and configurations.

Since 95% of call quality issues are related to “last mile connectivity”, this aspect of VoIP is fundamental to consistently high call quality and reliable service. As a Wholesale Partner, it is critical you implement appropriate connectivity for VoIP. Ensuring excellent connectivity and providing swift, knowledgeable customer support is a simple, foolproof formula for creating exceptional customer delight.

Voys provides you with the tools, technology, training and guidance to assure a successful partnership. But it is you, not Voys, that has the relationship with your customers. In that regard, the relationship between Voys, wholesale partners and their customers evokes the words of Henry Ford: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” 

For all the nitty-gritty nuts ‘n bolts about both the Reseller Program and Wholesale Program, visit our Partner Page and get ready for the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

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