Voys Reseller Program: Deliver the Smartest Communication Solutions

As a Voys Reseller, you partner with us to provide optimal support to your customers by equipping them with Freedom, the award-winning business telephony platform from the finest VoIP brand in the land. This you do with a scalable VoIP solution that integrates seamlessly with every kind of cloud system. Furthermore, the program is tiered so as to offer a tailor-made solution to meet your particular needs. Welcome on board.

  • Circle check filled The Voys Reseller Program grows with your ambitions
  • Circle check filled An easy-to-manage environment for you and your customers
  • Circle check filled Freedom is future-proof and always up-to-date
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6 Reasons why becoming a Reseller is a great idea

More than 200 ICT companies act as value-added resellers by providing Voys services to their customers on a daily basis. They all enjoy all these benefits of the Reseller Program.

Please note: You must be a Voys customer to become a reseller.

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Grows with your Ambitions

You decide for yourself how you serve your customers and how many customers you serve. Naturally, the more customers you have, the greater your income. You are in complete control.


Future-proof platform

Unlike many generic 3rd party VoIP systems out there, Freedom from Voys is a proprietary platform which we have designed, developed and built ourselves. We meticulously maintain, update and upgrade the platform to continuously improve it and the value it adds to customers. This way, Freedom is future-proof, always up-to-date and in a league of its own.


Freedom & Flexibility

Your customers are not committed to anything: at Voys we don’t do long-term contracts and our services can be cancelled any time. Voys customers have complete flexibility as we commit ourselves to delivering industry-leading quality in terms of uptime and support.

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Make a Difference to your Customers

Modern companies want everything in the cloud. As a Voys reseller, you have a unique opportunity to add value to your customers: Freedom integrates all systems with one another to create an optimised, seamless experience for your customers.


Training & Marketing

As a Voys reseller, we help you to provide your customers with the best possible service. For example, we provide training and webinars and can also offer marketing support, should this be necessary. This is how we help each other move forward in a mutually beneficial relationship.


User-friendly System

The Freedom telephony platform and its fully-fledged bouquet of awesome features has been designed for the most intuitive user experience possible. Freedom is as easy to understand and operate by resellers and their customers alike. This way you can easily manage all services and your customers can effortlessly configure their own systems.

Grow Together

This is how you grow as a Voys Reseller

The Voys Reseller Program has been created to give each reseller the opportunity to grow and generate increasing levels of income.

The Reseller Program is tiered into three levels: Bronze , Silver and Gold. This means there is always a level that matches your ambition and capacity. Even if you outgrow the Gold level, you may be ready to make the leap to the Wholesale Program.

How it works

Responsibilities of the Reseller:

  • Delivering customers
  • Taking care of initial administrative matters
  • First-line tech support (Silver and Gold resellers)

Responsibilities of Voys:

  • Paying your reseller fee
  • Delivering your referred customers
  • Invoicing and collection process of your customers
  • Answering all your questions
  • First-line tech support (Bronze Resellers)
  • Second-line tech support (Silver and Gold resellers)

Reseller Tiers

  • Bronze Reseller

    The entry level for resellers. This tier offers basic discounts, limited requirements and no targets. It is an easy and accessible entry point into the world of Voys Partners. If you occasionally refers customers to us as part of the Referral Program, you could level up to this tier. 

    This level tends to suit self-employed or small ICT service providers who want to add value to their customers by offering VoIP services to those who require them so as to be a single point of contact for their customers.

  • Silver Reseller

    This level offers higher discounts; has more benefits such as basic training; and more requirements such as providing customer support and setting sales targets. 

    Ideal for small-to-medium ICT service providers who wish to offer VoIP as a secondary product to their customers and have sufficient VoIP knowledge to independently support customers remotely and on location. In this tier, the minimum number of active customers is 5 while the reseller is expected to have a sales ambition of 2 new customers per year.

  • Gold Reseller

    This level is for the most successful resellers and offers higher discounts; a dedicated partner manager; a sales, marketing and support team, and access to exclusive incentives and discount opportunities.

    Suited to small and medium-sized ICT service providers who offer VoIP as a primary or secondary product to their customers and have sufficient VoIP knowledge to independently support customers remotely and on location. The reseller in this tier wants to be able to offer its customers an optimal VoIP solution and be their single point of contact. The Gold Reseller actively leverages the strength of the Voys brand. Gold Resellers have growth strategies in place and are in possession of the requisite sales, marketing and technical expertise and capacity to implement these. In addition to cross-selling, there is also a clear focus on generating new business.

    The Gold Reseller ought to have a minimum number of 25 active customers whilst having in place a sales ambition to bring in a minimum of 10 new clients each year.

Voys Partner Program

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All Advantages at a Glance

Here is a comprehensive overview of all the benefits per reseller tier.


Bronze Silver Gold
Partner environment
Low-threshold contact
Knowledge centre
Partner manager
Free partner account


Bronze Silver Gold
Sale and quotation support
Voys pricing and billing
Growth targets
Sales rewards and cool outings
Customised customer offers


Bronze Silver Gold
Digital onboarding
Basic training (possibly on location)
Advanced training (possibly on location)


Bronze Silver Gold
Voys media kit
Voys brochure
Partner badge
Online quick scan
Maketing consult


Bronze Silver Gold
Voys first line support
Voys second line support
Voys partner experts


Bronze Silver Gold
One-time kickback fee
10% recurring kickback fee
20% recurring kickback fee