How we optimise the user experience of the Voys App and Webphone

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Alex Sudheim

27 Jun 2023 Clock 3 min

Next to providing South African businesses with the finest proprietary telephony platform on the market, our #1 priority at Voys is maintaining an excellent relationship with our customers. This commitment is reflected in our industry-leading reviews

At Voys we believe that the connection between people, not the technical minutiae of a software programme, should be at the heart of everything we do. Our vision is to move from a telephony provider to a relationship provider. Here we examine how this vision is translated into recent improvements in two of our core products: the Voys App and the Voys Webphone.

Simplified Installation

Several relatively straightforward steps are required to install both the Voys webphone and app. We have recently simplified this process even further in order to improve user experience. Nevertheless, our illustrious tech-support ninjas remain on standby so contact us anytime.

Updates & Upgrades

In addition to providing new customers with a smooth onboarding, we also look at improvements we can make for existing customers. Chief amongst these is the ability to make adjustments wherever you are already active, whether in the Freedom portal, the app or the webphone. It is no longer necessary to log in to the portal for frequently-used adjustments.

The first of the Freedom features to benefit from this are Temporary Redirect and Opening Hours | Basic, both of which can now be adjusted and operated directly within the app and the webphone. Read a more in-depth account of the evolved new Opening Hours | Basic feature in this article

Consistent User Experience

The Voys app and the Voys webphone are technically two different products. However they are designed to complement one another to such a degree that they offer a seamless user experience. Which is why you can easily switch between app and webphone wherever and whenever you want.

This consistency extends to key functions being located in the same place in both the webphone and the app. These include adjusting the outgoing phone number; setting your availability and the shared contact book. By aligning these options in both app and webphone, a consistent user experience is achieved.

Product Personalisation

In order to ensure the look and feel of the Voys app is optimally intuitive, our designers and developers work hard to ensure that it operates in a simple, familiar fashion that isn’t too unlike the rest of the apps you are likely to use on a daily basis. Some examples of this include:

  • Users can ring multiple devices simultaneously
  • Synchronisation of availability status when moving between devices
  • Profile pictures can be added for each User
  • Brand-new real-time Queue Statistics Feature
  • Check colleague availability with Voys Pulse
  • Connect customers to the colleague they last spoke to with Voys Reach
  • Settings page of app and webphone subtly redesigned

Under Construction: Browser Extension Makeover

In addition to the Voys app and webphone, a third tool in the Freedom arsenal is currently undergoing some TLC. This is the VoIP browser extension, formerly known as the browser plug-in. Certain aspects of the current extension have become redundant as they have been incorporated into the app and the webphone. 

However the extension’s most powerful feature remains its click-and-call functionality which will of course remain. In addition, we want to enhance your ability to monitor the use of the browser extension, which will in turn lead to further improvements. The revamped browser extension is being prepared for Google’s new user policy, known as Manifest v3, whose release date is subject to some speculation.

Last but not Least

Based on customer feedback and consistent commitment to product development, our developers are currently working on two nifty upgrades in the Voys app and webphone. 

  • Easy selection of the outgoing telephone number. Customers who use several numbers would like to easily switch between these when making outgoing calls. This is still a bit buried in the Voys App. We are therefore going to bring it more to the fore. This simultaneously takes place in the webphone.
  • Improved in-app communications control. Several external factors can have a detrimental impact upon call quality: a faltering Bluetooth connection with a headset for example, or a poor internet connection. We want to better detect these external factors for app users so that you can be informed about them in real-time so as to optimise your experience.

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