Make your Business Telephony Even Smarter with Real-time Queue Statistics

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Alex Sudheim

29 May 2023 Clock 4 min

As South Africa’s most feature-rich business telephony system, Voys loves nothing more than when our dashing dev team adds a new string to our bow. It means we’re manifesting our mission of “providing premium voice communications services to modern South African SMEs in order for them to run their businesses in the best possible way while seamlessly connecting with their customers.”

This is precisely why we’re excited to announce the new real-time queue statistics feature in Freedom, our award-winning proprietary VoIP platform. 

Being optimally accessible is essential for your business. After all, you want to help the customers who call you as quickly and as effectively as possible. Sometimes so many calls come in at the same time that it is imperative to work with a queue to ensure everyone is attended to. 

The Waiting Game

With the call queue feature in Freedom, you can inform customers calling in how many people are in the queue – or the anticipated waiting time – while treating them to beautiful music of your choice. In doing so, your customers know exactly what to expect. 

Are you using – or planning to use – this feature in your dialplan? Then we have great news for you: the brand new Queue Statistics Feature is now available, giving you real-time insight into the state of the queue and the performance of your call team.

Read on to discover which statistics are visible on the dashboard and how you can leverage these insights to optimise your customer communications.

Real-time call queue statistics at a glance

Why real-time queue statistics are indispensable

There’s no getting around it: data and metrics are essential to running a successful business. Our real-time queue statistics feature gives you insight into your customers’ call behaviour and the performance of your colleagues on the phone.

The feature consists of two parts. The first part is the real-time statistics where the figures are presented live. The second part is semi-real-time which allows you to calculate an average per day for a particular statistic. Below is a list of the statistics available to you.

Real-time queue statistics:

  • Number of people waiting: The number of callers in the queue at that moment
  • Total number of active calls: The number of callers in the queue being helped at that moment
  • Logged in colleagues: The number of available colleagues in the call group that can help waiting callers
  • Colleagues busy: The number of colleagues in the call group that are busy

Average queue statistics per day:

  • Average time on hold: The average time a caller is placed on hold
  • Answered Calls: The number of calls in the queue that were answered
  • Average talk time: The average duration of completed calls that were in the queue
  • Number of callers that hung up: The number of callers who ended their call before being attended to.

Get started with the insights

Now you know what data you can obtain from the queue statistics feature. But how exactly is this beneficial to you and your business?

1. Increase customer satisfaction

Because you know exactly what the average waiting time is and how many callers drop out of the queue before being attended to, you can examine ways to reduce waiting time. The less a customer has to wait, the happier they are.

2. Work more efficiently and productively

You can monitor the performance of the call team and respond accordingly. This can be done, for example, by keeping an eye on the average conversation time and managing or training accordingly.

3. Improved planning

The statistics give you real-time insight into how busy your queue is. Are the calls streaming in? Then simply add extra colleagues to the call group. Conversely, if it’s temporarily quiet in the queue, then colleagues can be re-allocated to alternative tasks. 

4. Motivate the call team

Queue statistics can be streamed to an external display, which is a great way for the call team to monitor the entire queue in real-time. Having all colleagues seeing how the queue is moving has a tremendous motivational effect. 

Live display of real-time queue stats keeps the finger on the pulse

5. Simple and straightforward

Activating the call queue feature and adding it to your dialplan is as easy as pie. Once activated, the feature appears as “queue metrics” on the dashboard. It’s a simple and tremendously useful tool that anyone can use. You can easily streamline both your business ops and diagnostics without even having to knock on the IT department’s door.

Need assistance? Contact our tech support ninjas anytime should you be in need of a helping hand and a friendly voice.

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