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Alex Sudheim

16 Aug 2022 Clock 4 min

Last year we announced the wedding of the century when Microsoft Teams and VoIP tied the knot. We were beyond delighted that the happy couple were instantly smitten with one another. The time has flown by so we decided to check in on our lovebirds and see if it’s still all rainbows and unicorns in the land of connubial bliss. Not only were we welcomed with open arms, but the newlyweds shared with us their 5 secrets for a successful relationship.  

Normalising the New

Whatever Elon Musk has to say about it, hybrid working is here to stay. And remote working wouldn’t be what it is with a powerful tool like Microsoft Teams offering organisations and their colleagues a secure environment to chat, meet, share content and collaborate with one another and their customers. 

However, one element was still missing: external calling. This is why it was crucial for Voys to pioneer the integration of PBX functionality into Teams. With the link between MS Teams and Voys, you can now also call people outside your organisation, making for seamless symmetry between VoIP and Teams. 

1. Outgoing calls with your business number

Despite all the possibilities that Teams offers, we believe you can get even more from the tool and its synchronisation with your PBX from Voys. Such as neatly managing all your internal and external communication from a single place. So what does all of this look like in practice? Without further ado, herewith the 5 advantages of this harmonious union. 

Simultaneously conferring with multiple colleagues was already possible with Teams. But calling customers and others outside your organisation was a different story. The Voys integration with MS Teams solves that problem: we link the systems together for you so you call anyone you want via your business number. You can now make internal and external telephone calls via the Teams App on both your mobile and PC.

2. Be reachable on Teams on your business number

Freedom essentially treats MS Teams as a softphone (the software equivalent of a VoIP desk phone or cordless phone). This means you can configure your settings so you can be reached via Microsoft Teams for incoming calls to your business number and no longer have to toggle between systems if a customer calls. Furthermore, if you’re on a call with a customer and need to quickly confer with a colleague, once again you are spared having to switch back and forth between systems. 

3. View colleagues’ availability

Your being available is one thing. But sometimes it’s necessary or convenient to transfer a customer to a colleague. Thanks to the integration between Voys and Teams, you can see at a glance whether a colleague is available, is on a call or does not want to be disturbed. Now you know exactly whether or not you can transfer the caller and to whom. In short, because transferring calls has never been so simple, the customer is happy and you are happy.

I just called to say I love you

4. Get more from Freedom

Freedom, your online telephone exchange from Voys, is equipped with a dazzling range of features and functions for you to customise your phone system to suit your business. Now, you can allow MS Teams to take full advantage of all the features you have selected for your phone system in Freedom. It’s the best of both worlds. From opening hours, call queues, call groups, messages and IVR (interactive voice response), you take care of it in Freedom and Teams follows suit. And, of course, you decide on which device you can be reached: via the Voys App on your smartphone; the Webphone on your laptop; a fixed telephone or MS Teams on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The possibilities are endless. 

5. Fantastic support for all your questions

As a customer, you can change all Freedom settings yourself. For example, in your dialplan you control what happens when someone calls your number. Who should receive the call? On a hardphone or softphone? On which device and using Voys or Teams? Should the call be routed into a queue? What message will the caller hear? Our extensive online support helps you set up your Freedom environment to your most exacting specifications. And, if you get stuck, there is always a wonderful Voys colleague just a click or a call away.

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This article was originally published by Voys Netherlands.