Teams phone system – Microsoft 365 and VoIP tie the knot!

Voys has played Cupid and arranged one of the most exciting weddings of the century. Voys' VoIP PBX has exchanged vows with Microsoft 365 to create a fully-fledged Teams phone system.

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Alex Sudheim

8 Apr 2021 Clock 2 min
Voys and Microsoft 365 tie the knot to create a fully-fledged Teams phone system

As technology continues to evolve at a blistering pace, it’s easy to be blasé about those breathless announcements of the latest ‘breakthrough’ or ‘game-changer’ that seem to take place every five minutes. Even the most seasoned technophiles among us tend to roll our eyeballs when we hear about ‘innovation’ this and ‘revolution’ that.

Well, guess what? We’re here to breathlessly announce a breakthrough game-changer of technological innovation that will revolutionise the field of business communications! You might well wonder if we take some kind of perverse pleasure in contradicting ourselves, but rest assured that this is not the case. In fact, we would like to heartily congratulate two of the smartest tools in the shed on their recent nuptials.

The perfect pair become the perfect Teams phone system

Voys has played Cupid and arranged one of the most exciting weddings of the century. VoIP, that little miracle-worker that lets you make calls for a lot less than Telkom and isn’t phased when Eskom has a wobble, has exchanged vows with Microsoft Teams, the pre-eminent business communication platform that keeps us glued to our screens almost as much as Netflix. It certainly is a match made in heaven and we’re proud to have been the matchmaker.

It’s no surprise that Voys is among the first – if not the first – in South Africa to integrate PBX functionality into Teams. As one of South Africa’s leading communications companies, we always lead with solutions. So, when Teams told us it felt a bit lonely without call functionality, we listened. When the market told us that the growing legion of business professionals using Teams would smaak it stukkend if they could also use the software to call their clients, we listened.

So, when we introduced our dashing cloud PBX to the distinguished Microsoft 365 Teams, it was love at first sight. And we can honestly say that we’ve rarely seen a couple that was so darn compatible and carried so little baggage since full integration of VoIP and Teams eliminates the need for additional software or hardware.

Make Microsoft 365 business voice calls on mobile devices

Couple goals

The latest tech power pair has instantly become the darling of the business world. The Teams phone system integrates the Voys hosted PBX into the shared business environment to create a complete Microsoft 365 business communications tool. In addition to the usual Teams features such as sharing files, chatting and video calling, Teams can now also be used to connect to any telephone network with your business number.

With their whirlwind romance, wedding and honeymoon behind them, Voys and Teams are knuckling down to business. Now your office phone is integrated into the Teams app to give you the best of both worlds. Phone numbers, opening hours, fallbacks, voicemail, you name it – all of these are easily organised via the Voys telephony platform while you can make and take calls on a VoIP device, with a mobile device or with the Microsoft 365 Teams app.

Sigh. We do love ourselves a good romance. Move over The Notebook, bend the knee, Titanic! And look out for the heartwarming new dramedy How I Met Your Motherboard.

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