A fresh new design for Freedom

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Alex Sudheim

16 Jan 2019 Clock 2 min
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On December 18th, 2009 we launched the first version of Freedom. As a business owner, it provided complete freedom to adapt your phone system to the way of working that suits your organisation; 24/7. In May 2013, version 2 followed and Freedom got the look you’re familiar with today. And after a year of development, on 21 January 2019, we will launch version 3.0 of your cloud communication solution!

A fresh design

What you will see is a fresh design that fits today’s design standards. A design that loads faster, uses the space on your screen smarter and does even better on mobile and tablet. But most of the changes are behind the scenes.

10 years development

Over the past ten years, our cloud PBX has been expanded with dozens of new modules and features. All these additions have resulted in a complete system with an incredible amount of possibilities. All additions resulted in the code -the codebase- also growing more and more complex over time. Therefore, two years ago, we started an investigation of what the future of the platform would be like. This led to the conclusion that we needed to split the visible front (the front-end) and the technology behind the scenes (the back-end).

Faster development

By separating the front-end from the back-end code, new features and updates can be developed and rolled out faster. This not only makes the platform easier to maintain but above all easier to expand.

Developing on APIs

Due to the sheer size of the codebase, it’s no option to completely replace it in one go. We, therefore, opted to rewrite it in the form of widgets. Every module we update gets its own API first and then an update to the front-end. There you will see that features have become simpler and more user-friendly. The APIs are not just available to our Freedom front-end, but also to you as a customer. This allows you to connect even more deeply to the functionality of Freedom. We have been developing new functionalities in this way for some time now, which you have also seen in the number of extra APIs that have become available in 2018. *API stands for Application Programming Interface and enables software applications to communicate/ integrate with each other.

9,850 additions, 22,813 deletions

There are no changes to functionally so we expect you will quickly find your way in the new design. Of course, we have already done a lot of research into this with our beta users. It was cool to see how they found the smallest detail changes and how they described the feel of the new interface. In total 414 files were changed at the front, 9,850 additions to the code have been made and 22,813 deletions. A clean, fresh new start for many of the improvements we will make to Freedom in 2019.