Advantages of VoIP

VoIP and capacity

The number of concurrent calls possible through VoIP is practically limitless. With this in mind your telecom environment will never be the bottle-neck in a rapidly growing company.

VoIP is non-geographic

You’re working remotely for the next three months? You’re relocating your business? No problem with VoIP. A VoIP account is linked to a handset or VoIP PBX, not to a geographic location. This makes relocating a breeze and a whole lot cheaper.

VoIP is flexible

You can plug your handset into any network. Are you working at a temporary project location? Just take your phone with you. Nothing needs to be switched and your network administrator or local tech guy doesn’t need to change any settings. It’s plug-and-play and makes moving around a breeze.

VoIP is easy to configure

VoIP can be fully configured through our web-interface. That’s why replacing a handset or adding additional phones is very easy. Patching is no longer necessary.

Easy and cheap to install

No need to lay extra cabling for your VoIP telephone network. The existing cabling for your computer network is all you need. With most VoIP handsets your computer network cable can even be rerouted via your handset. This way your computer and handset will only need one cable. So no need to maintain two networks. Just one.

VoIP makes switching telephony providers easy

If you want to switch VoIP telephone service provider, all you need to do is port your phone numbers and reconfigure your handsets with the details of your new VoIP provider. This way you can change service providers quickly and effortlessly.

VoIP calls are cheaper

Calling through a VoIP provider is substantially cheaper. Voys for instance is 30% to 60% cheaper than Telkom. No more line rentals, a fast and reliable internet connection is all you need. Plus, Voys users call each other for free! And it doesn’t matter at which branch your colleague is located. When a company has multiple branches or branches abroad, the monthly savings are significant.

VoIP and integration

VoIP can easily be integrated in your ERP or CRM system. Click-and-Dial from a web-based address book, this is one of many possibilities. You can also recognise your customers with incoming calls.

VoIP is the future

VoIP is the number one telecommunications technology of the future and you can access it right now! All large telephone providers are currently switching to VoIP. Is your telephone hardware due for replacement, is your business relocating, or are you searching for a new telecommunications solution? VoIP is the logical choice.