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VoIP to set you free

Voys is one of the leading providers of VoIP in South Africa. Liberate your business today. Call for a lot less with no contracts and enjoy the best support in the business.

Voys is a VoIP service provider that liberates South African businesses from outdated phone systems and the service providers that go with them. We offer maximum flexibility, affordability, and premium business features.

Phone system (PBX)

In Freedom, our phone system in the cloud, you can manage your business from anywhere at anytime. Free yourself! Choose one of the best VoIP service providers in South Africa.

Phone numbers

We provide new South African geographic, non-geographic (087 numbers) and international phone numbers. You can also keep your current number.


From our range you can select the VoIP phone that best suits your needs. Make calls the way you want to. Desk phone or cordless. With or without a headset.

Advantages of VoIP services in South Africa

Save on your monthly phone bill and cancel services anytime. Experience one of the most highly rated VoIP service providers in South Africa!

  • Lower call rates
  • Flexibility
  • Work anywhere
  • No contracts

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VoIP South Africa

The future is VoIP

South African businesses are rapidly discovering the advantages of VoIP. A cloud-based business telephone system facilitates the flexibility, mobility and cost efficiency required in the current competitive environment.

Connectivity has improved dramatically in South Africa over the last few years. There are now many internet service providers to choose from. Now is the time to free your organisation from traditional telephone service providers and move to a cloud-based VoIP phone system that you can configure to suit the unique requirements of your business.

VoIP South Africa:
Liberate your business!

It’s time to experience a reliable and flexible VoIP service provider that saves your company money. Liberate your business today!

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