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Voys Hosted PBX on mobile phone

What we offer

Hosted PBX

In Freedom, our phone system in the cloud, you have complete freedom and flexibility to manage your business from anywhere and at any time.

Phone numbers

We provide new geographic, non-geographic (087) and international phone numbers. You can also keep your current number.


Select a VoIP phone from our range and make calls the way you want to. Desk phone or cordless. With or without a headset.

Flexible Hosted PBX

Freedom is easy online management


In the dialplan you define what happens when your number is called. This ensures you determine your optimal availability.

24/7 management

Configure all Voys services through a beautiful and straightforward self-service web portal, 24/7. That’s true freedom.


In Freedom you can easily view detailed call records and statistics.

Sound easy? Well, it is!

Hosted PBX = optimal availability, maximum flexibility and minimum cost. Voys has over 10,000 delighted customers so you’re in good company. Furthermore, we are proud to offer the best customer service and technical support in the business.

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Voys = Freedom

  1. Freedom of location: work from anywhere.
  2. Freedom of installation: no technician required; connected within a day.
  3. Freedom of contract: cancel anytime, no questions asked.
  4. Freedom of bundles: only pay for what you use.
  5. Freedom of solution: a bespoke hosted PBX tailored to your requirements.

The Voys App: connected wherever you are

Dial out with your business number and toggle your presence on the go. That’s Freedom!

Whether you’re calling your clients from your office, your home, your favourite coffee shop or while climbing Table Mountain, you’re always using your business number. This affords your business maximum mobility and professionalism.

Dialling Hosted PBX on Mobile

Handy plugin for your browser
With the plugin for Chrome and Firefox you conveniently toggle your availability and check if your colleagues are engaged.

What can you do with the plugin?

  • Click-to-Dial a number
  • Toggle your presence
  • See who is on the phone
  • Monitor call queues
Hosted PBX for business

More Telephony,
Fewer Costs

It’s time to experience a reliable and flexible hosted PBX system that helps your business save money too. Freedom is calling!

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