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Moolah-la Rewards | Earn R500 for referring new Voys customers

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Moolah-la Rewards is exclusive to Voys customers and their employees. Please provide us with your details and the company you represent.

Referral details

Please provide the details of the business you wish to refer to Voys. The contact details provided here must be for a person who is an authorised signatory (e.g. owner, director etc.) of the business.

Herein after we refer to:REFERRER as the person who submits this form (i.e. the person whose contact details are provided under the ‘Referrer details’ heading of this form).REFERRAL as the company associated with the contact details referred to Voys by the REFERRER (i.e. the business whose contact details are provided under the ‘Referral details' heading of this form).By submitting this form the REFERRER and Voys agree to the following terms:Voys undertakes to pay the REFERRER a once-off commission fee of R500 for a REFERRAL that becomes a Voys customer.A REFERRER/REFERRAL is only deemed a Voys customer once their Voys subscriptions are activated.Commission due to a REFERRER will only become payable once a REFERRAL becomes a Voys customer.Only existing Voys customers (and their employees) are eligible to submit a REFERRAL to Voys.The person who submits this form must be an owner or employee of the company named under the “Referrer details” heading of this form, and the named company must be a Voys customer.
EFT payments made to the REFERRER will only be paid into a bank account held by the person or company named under the “Referrer details” heading of this form. Before payments are processed, the REFERRER will need to provide Voys with proof of bank account.The acceptance of a REFERRAL is at Voys’ sole discretion. Rejection of a REFERRAL can be based on, but is not limited to, the following criteria:- The REFERRER is not associated with an active Voys account,- The REFERRAL already exists on Voys’ database,- The REFERRER has been blocked due to misuse.A REFERRER is only eligible to earn commission for a REFERRAL submitted directly to Voys. If the REFERRAL refers any other party to Voys, the REFERRER will not be eligible to earn any commission for such a referral.The REFERRER hereby declares that all personal information contained in this REFERRAL is disclosed by the REFERRER after having obtained explicit consent from the person who such information belongs to, for the purpose of being referred to Voys. Voys hereby declares that it will only use such personal information for the purpose for which it is collected. Voys maintains the right to refuse commission payments to a REFERRER if any of the above terms are not met.*

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