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Alex Sudheim

12 May 2023 Clock 2 min

We spend plenty of time time telling you how we work, where we work and why we work. Now it’s time for you to put us to the test by coming to work at Mzansi’s finest digital business telecoms provider!

Step Right Up

As the only company in the country that practices the progressive management philosophy of Holacracy, Voys is by no means any ordinary organisation.

We are driven by passion and we are driven by purpose. That purpose is to liberate South African businesses from outdated phone systems and give everyone an equal voice. This is precisely why our world-class proprietary software platform is called Freedom and why our mantra is “Freedom Is Calling!”

We further embody our purpose through 48percent.org, our in-house foundation dedicated to equitable access to connectivity, especially in parts of the planet where digital infrastructure is lacking. 48percent currently partners with over 20 different organisations working on 34 projects around the globe.

Are you ready to work with this crazy crew?

I, Human

In order to complete our vibrant team of dedicated professionals, we are currently in search of a Customer Success Manager who was born to knock the socks of our customers with the kind of “wow!” service that has made us international award-winners and the most-loved and business telecoms provider in the land 

Are you the type of kind, caring and charismatic people person that elicits customer testimonials such as “the level of service and professionalism from Voys is truly spectacular” and “nothing beats working with people that are professional, friendly and know what they are doing”? Well, then you may very well be cut from just the kind of fibre optic cloth we need.

The smiles say it all.

Balancing the Books

Another ingredient currently missing from our potent potjie is that of a Finance Manager. While the usual skills and specialities required of such a role are of course called for, at Voys you will be so much more than a glorified bean-counter. 

We take exceptional pride in our work; we love what we do and our professional lives are built upon the Voys values of open, supportive, evolving and equal. We aren’t merely a telecoms company but, as both an organisation and as individuals, are deeply driven to make ourselves, our company and our country 1% better each and every day. 

Whilst we are part of a global brand operating on the cutting edge of digital technology, our heart remains firmly in South Africa. Where possible, we lend our expertise to inspired causes such as performing arts foundation Amoyo and social entrepreneurship initiative Soete Swaan.  

We not only wear our hearts on our sleeves but our logo in our hair.

All aboard!

So, does anything that we’ve said resonate with you? Does anything tickle your pickle, float your boat or blow your hair back? We think Voys South Africa is an awesome place to work and an excellent company to do business with. If, based on what you’ve heard here, you find yourself agreeing, then you know what to do! 

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