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Alex Sudheim

1 Dec 2022 Clock 4 min

If, as per the old adage, two heads are better than one, then two tools are better than one. It seems pretty obvious when you think about it: the hammer on its own won’t move your carpentry project forward, and neither will the nail. The two need to work together to get the job done. Synthesis leads to a system whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This article explains why Voys South Africa is the business telephony provider that leads the field by developing custom integrations of peerless quality and reliability.

The Age of Integrations

The proliferation of digital tools adopted by modern businesses can be both a blessing and a curse. Which is why smart businesses know that the more tools we use – especially those of the software kind – the more crucial is the need to integrate them. This way the tools “talk” to one another and form part of a seamless whole.

Foremost among these software tools are CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) such as Freedom from Voys. Integrating these is imperative for organisations committed to providing optimal data-driven customer solutions and peerless customer communications. 

Enhanced Customer Communication

A CRM’s ability to provide real-time overview of organisation-wide communications makes it an indispensable instrument for the business committed to customer success. Who spoke to whom and when; what issues were raised and how they were resolved: all of this information is immediately at one’s fingertips. 

Another powerful string in the CRM’s bow is its ability to yield compelling insights into the desires, frustrations and motivations of customers. This is a boon to any organisation looking to understand what their customers want so they can implement strategies to meet, or even anticipate, these demands. As a result, the company becomes more agile and has access to a rich source of customer data, that precious substance digital marketers refer to as “the new oil”.

Enhanced Colleague Communication

Companies around the world are swiftly adapting to the “new normal” of distributed workforces. This can be seen in the sharp increase of businesses turning to cloud-based VoIP platforms, CRM software and ticketing systems as integral tools serving both your external and internal communications requirements. 

With tight-knit teams now physically distanced, it has become imperative to find new forms of glue to keep the camaraderie strong; the wheels of commerce turning and customer engagement vibrant. VoIP has allowed businesses to “cut the copper” as they take their communications entirely online. CRMs allow you to communicate with colleagues and customers at the most granular level whilst gathering vital data and uniting the team. 

Making the Connection

The next step to unleashing the true power of these tools is by integrating them. By creating a symbiotic relationship between your VoIP platform and your CRM, you are establishing an advanced and efficient modern business communication environment. In this respect, it is crucial that you have the strongest, stablest integration possible. This is where Voys comes in.

Voys is among a tiny handful of VoIP providers in South Africa whose platform has been designed and developed in-house. This means that when our platform (aptly named Freedom) integrates with your CRM, there is a lot less that can go wrong. Even in this unlikely event, we are able to remedy the situation swiftly and effectively. 

The Perfect Partner

Furthermore, Voys has forged a strong partnership with Red Cactus in the Netherlands, one of Europe’s leading integration specialists. Red Cactus, using their powerful proprietary software Bubble, is able to seamlessly connect Freedom with any CRM on the market in order to optimise your company’s capacity to deliver customer delight at every step of the journey.

In South Africa, the most popular CRMs are HubSpot CRM; Salesforce Sales Cloud; Microsoft Dynamics 365; Zoho CRM; Insightly and Pipedrive. Whether you make use of one of these – or highly similar ticketing systems such as ZenDesk or Zoho Desk – Voys and Red Cactus combine their respective technical capabilities to provide South African businesses with the most robust and reliable integrations on the market.  

Other Integrations

Whilst the spotlight here is on the integration between Freedom (our singular VoIP platform) and CRM platforms, other integrations remain equally critical for business success. First among these is that between Freedom and Microsoft Teams.

Voys has established a potent integration with Microsoft Teams that allows you to bring your full PBX functionality to MS Teams. Teams is essentially treated as a softphone on the Voys platform. This allows you to keep your Dialplans and/or update them with ease. Once the integration is complete, a keypad will appear in MS Teams, giving you the ability to make and receive calls from your MS Teams account.

We also create seamless integrations between Freedom and Webhooks; Call Notifications and Call Me Now. 

Seeing is Believing

There’s no better way of getting one’s head around the theory than putting it into practice. To this end, we offer our customers and prospective customers live demonstrations, either in a personalised one-on-one or group setting. This is a fantastic way to obtain a solid feel of how it all works while seeing the magic in action. So, if you’re curious, book a live demo now!

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