The Seven Slick Secrets to Content Marketing Supremacy: Part 1

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Alex Sudheim

28 Feb 2022 Clock 2 min

The Big Bang

So, you’re the founder and CEO of Voys, South Africa’s most highly rated VoIP provider. When you started the company, your purpose was to establish a new standard of excellence in customer service. You envisioned a South Africa where people can expect – and receive – excellent service from organisations and hold them accountable by voting with their wallet. Having a professional, affordable PBX in the cloud would free South Africa’s start-ups from legacy phone systems and buttress their chances of success in this tumultuous yet crucial market sector.

Fast forward

Now it’s 2022. This being the tech sector, nothing stands still for a second and some serious progress has been afoot: the Voys devs have magicked up their most sophisticated software yet. It’s called Freedom Unlimited and it’s the Rolls Royce of VoIP platforms. A fully-fledged business phone system in the cloud with all the essential features, fixtures, bells and whistles for a single flat fee. It’s a champagne PBX with a price tag that even those on a beer budget can rock.

Change tack

Of course a premium product means a different class of target audience. Now it’s not just the start-ups but the seasoned industry pros who will begin to take a serious interest. This pivot naturally requires a simultaneous swivel in marketing strategy. Search ads are no longer the only game in town when it comes to obtaining leads and conversions. More mysterious muses such as ‘content marketing’ and ‘thought leadership’ begin to sing their siren song.

And they’re off!

So you hire an illustrious copywriter, put him in the saddle of a wild stallion called Bucephalus and give its arse a good, hard whack. As the steed thunders into the distance carrying its precious copywriting cargo you yell: ‘Remember – speed, volume and quality! It must be shareable! We need to kickstart the flywheel!’ 

Tilting at windmills

Well, dear reader, that copywriter digging his spurs into the sides of that stallion is none other than yours truly. Alexander and Bucephalus re-united after all these centuries. I shall be meticulously documenting my quixotic quest toward the promised land of content marketing glory. En route I shall undergo many trials and tribulations which I will fulsomely share so you may benefit from my successes and learn from my failures. 

X marks the spot

However unpredictable the road ahead may be, of one thing I am certain: I, and the horse I ride in on, will prevail. So watch this space and stay tuned for regular updates as I conquer the wild borderlands prospecting for content marketing gold. In the next chapter we take a brief glance at how the rapidly approaching singularity affects what we write – and who writes it.

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