The Future is Now: Smart Advances from Voys in 2023

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Alex Sudheim

3 Mar 2023 Clock 5 min

“Evolving” and “supportive” are two of the core Voys values. We are constantly improving our product, our platform and our company in order to provide our customers maximum support. 

In 2023 we are rolling out several exciting new updates, upgrades and features to continually ensure your business is rocking South Africa’s simplest, safest and most-loved professional phone system.

From Telecom Provider to Relationship Provider

No, Voys has not become a dating site overnight. What we mean is that our vision for Freedom, our award-winning telephony platform, is evolving. Whilst of course remaining an indispensable business communications tool, it is becoming more integrated and intuitive in order to optimise all aspects of your business relations. 

As Voys customers know, Freedom means ultimate availability, maximum flexibility and astonishing savings. You are in excellent company as over 17,000 businesses use Voys to ensure they build the most robust relationships with their customers. 

Optimal Customer Contact

Endless selection menus; long queues; constantly being sent from pillar to post and having to repeat the same story over and over: this is an all-too familiar scenario when calling many a South African company. As we all know, it’s an unnecessary waste of time; the opposite of supportive and frustratingly impersonal. That’s why we at Voys think it’s time for a change.

For us, the future looks more like this: when a customer calls your company, they immediately speak to a colleague who already knows what the customer is calling about. No selection menu, no queues and no endless bouncing between clueless phone drones. This kind of professionalism, personal attention and extreme efficiency is how customer contact becomes truly invaluable to your business.

In order to realise the initial steps of our vision for the future, we are designing, developing and implementing a number of cool new features in 2023 that will realise this vision of customer contact. Herewith is a brief summary of what you can expect from Voys this year.

Voys Pulse

Having your finger on the pulse is crucial to any business. With Voys Pulse, you can see the availability status of your colleagues at a glance. This feature is already live in the smartphone app and soon the Webphone will feature a tab in which you can see the online status of your colleagues. As a result, you never have to check which colleague can be reached and on which device as Voys Pulse does this for you. For a deeper dive into the nitty-gritties, check out our help page on the subject.

Voys Reach

The name of this feature says it all: Voys Reach connects your customer directly with the colleague he or she spoke to last. When your business number is called, the system automatically detects the historical relationship your colleagues have with the caller. It also integrates with Voys Pulse to check the availability of these colleagues. Based on this information, Voys Reach connects the customer directly to the right available colleague.

You may have already noticed that in Freedom you can now select “smart order of rings” in a call group. This is the first step of implementing Voys Reach: the smart ring sequence ensures that the call goes to the colleague who last spoke to the caller.

This qualitatively enhances conversations and makes them more personal. Often you may already know the reason someone is calling (for example, they want to discuss the quotation again). Is the colleague who prepared the quote unavailable? No problem: then the call will be offered to the rest of the colleagues in the call group. This way your customer always gets to speak to someone in the know.

The immediate benefit of this feature is that there are significantly fewer transfers and that calls are considerably shorter. Aside from this being a great cost-saver, it more importantly allows your business to build far more valuable customer relationships.

Temporary Redirect

Are Friday afternoon drinks starting a little earlier? Or is your company closed for a day of team-building? With Temporary Redirect, you can forward all your incoming calls to voicemail in one go. The next day your telephony will be set up as normal again. This exciting new feature is already live. 

Check out our help pages to see how to implement Temporary Redirect for the 4G App; for the Webphone and in Freedom.  

Live Dashboarding and Context Book

We are currently working on providing Voys customers with a much-requested feature: Live Dashboarding. This nifty tool provides real-time insight into crucial statistics of your business telephony so that, for example, you can immediately see how busy your call lines are.

We are also developing a Context Book, a tool designed to be a smart, organisation-wide phone book that is populated automatically. In addition, it also supplies you with the context of the relationship between your business and the particular customer, which can be priceless in the realm of customer communications. 

Examples of contextual information are:

  • the name of the caller;
  • the company where he or she works;
  • the colleague who was spoken to last;
  • precisely when this conversation took place.

This gives you a better sense of who you are calling and what the conversation could be about. Once more, the goal of this particular feature is that of building a better relationship between your business and your customer.

CRM Integration Expansion

Voys South Africa already leads the field when it comes to that increasingly essential component of customer communications: integrating your CRM software with your VoIP platform. We have partnered with industry forerunner Red Cactus in the Netherlands to ensure a seamless weld between these two systems. This article on ITWeb goes into greater depth on how Voys South Africa takes your business to the next level with CRM integrations.

However, since we are never content with standing still and always looking for ways to improve, the list of CRM systems which you can integrate with Freedom is growing significantly longer this year. This is another development aimed at going further than just offering a telephony solution but a total product to add maximum value to your customer relationships.

Opening hours | Basic

We are also on the verge of releasing an exciting new variant of the Opening Hours module entitled Opening hours | Basic. This functionality affords far greater ease, efficiency and flexibility when setting your company’s opening and closing hours. You can also use the module to automatically set your opening hours on all national holidays which saves you time and effort as you no longer have to manually adjust your accessibility every time, for example, Easter and Christmas roll around.

That’s it for now but be sure to watch this space for any and all new developments as they take place. 

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