Get the most from your phone system with Voys add-on packages

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Alex Sudheim

19 Apr 2017 Clock 3 min

With Voys, your calls travel over the Internet. This means you no longer need a physical phone line and PBX in your office. Your phone system is online, in the cloud. This has a number of benefits for Voys customers: real-time call detail records, free voicemail-to-email, clever settings for forwarding your calls, our smartphone app and much more. There are even more possibilities worth checking out. Customised features for your organisation, combined in packages to optimise when and how people can reach you.

Basic Package: Opening Hours and Messages

You want people to be able to reach you, but not 24/7. What you do want is to manage expectations. The configuration options are endless with the Basic Package. For example you can set the device on your desk to ring from 8:30 AM to 5 PM, but after office hours you want it to play a message: “We’re closed right now. You can reach us on workdays from 8:30 AM to 5PM. Please leave a message or…” You name it, anything is possible and you can record the messages yourself! An additional benefit is that you won’t be disturbed during evenings (if you don’t want to). This feature is valuable for every business.

Good morning!

Once you’ve set your Opening Hours the way you want to, you can set up different notifications for different times of the day. We’ve already told you about the personal message for when you’re closed, but there are many other possibilities. For instance: before the phone rings, the caller will hear: “Welcome to Company X, please hold while we transfer your call to one of our representatives”. And with the Opening Hours feature you can even add a “good morning”, “good afternoon” or “good evening”. The Basic Package is a must for every entrepreneur. You will come across as a serious and professional business. Highly recommended!

Advanced Package: Opening Hours, Message and Auto Attendant

Our most popular package contains the Opening Hours and Messages features from the Basic Package (see above), but it also adds another clever functionality: the Auto Attendant (IVR). Many businesses handle sales queries and support queries. With the Auto Attendant feature, the caller is prompted with a message such as: “Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support”. When the caller selects 1, all devices at the sales department will ring and when the caller selects 2 all phones of your support colleagues will ring. By doing so, you structure your organisation. This is ideal for both you and your customers, as they get to speak to the right person straight away. Having to choose option after option in a menu is experienced as annoying by customers. Therefore, we advise you to keep it simple – your customers will appreciate this.

Complete Package: Queue, Listen-in, Conference Calling and Web Hooks

Now that you’ve read about the previous two packages, you know that you can take your VoIP phone system to a higher level. But there are a few other features with which you can further improve and professionalise your organisation. The showpiece of this package is our Web hooks feature. This smart add-on provides you with the possibility to communicate with third-party applications, such as your CRM system. Through an URL the Web hook forwards the caller ID to this external application, after which a certain action can take place. You can also set the Webhook to receive feedback for further action on your phone system. Speaking of automation! Let’s show you an example of how our customers could use this module: A caller calls your business.

  1. The Web hook feature sees the phone number and communicates this immediately to the web address you provided.
  2. Your CRM program gives you a notification: ‘Incoming call, caller ID 021-1234657’.
  3. The CRM program is smart and, in many cases, can match the caller ID with the company’s contact details immediately. Saving time is guaranteed: with every call, every day!

Measuring phone conversions in Google Analytics

There are countless possible scenarios with the Web hook feature. For example, setting up a PIN code for customers with a specific service level agreement, or measuring conversions in Google Analytics. You link a unique phone number to the Web hook. The Web hook is linked to Google Analytics. This allows you to easily monitor how many calls you receive on every number (campaign). The possibilities with Web hooks are endless.

Which package is right for you?

Take a look at the different packages and contact one of our advisors to see which package suits you best! Just like with our other services you can cancel at any time. Want to know more? Request a quote.