Seeing Is Believing

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Alex Sudheim

7 Feb 2023 Clock 4 min

That maxim has never been more applicable than in our helter-skelter age of tech wizardry and its blizzard of bewildering terminology we barely have time to acknowledge, let alone fully comprehend. 

Which is why a simple demonstration of what tech can do for you remains the most effective way to master it and make it a crucial addition to your business’ digital toolbox.

Born to Ride

Of course we’ll tell you that Voys is the finest purveyor of hosted business telephony solutions in the country. But we’re ever so slightly biased. So take it from one of the many delighted customers that make us South Africa’s highest-rated VoIP provider. “Our company has been using Voys after trying out other VoIP services. The wide array of configurable options and features that are available in the Customer Dashboard is unmatched here in South Africa.”

Which is a wonderful illustration of the point that technology is in service of humanity and not vice versa. After all, you aren’t required to have an engineer’s understanding of how an internal combustion engine works in order to command a car: you just need to know how to drive. In the same vein, you don’t have to be a tech-savant to use our system: friendly drop-down menus and our light-speed support team make it easy.

In fact, our fun, interactive live demo is much like test-driving your dream car. You sure like the look of that Maserati. You know it’s going to turn heads in traffic and provide you with a moerse status boost. But you want to feel that beast in your hands before surrendering to it heart and soul. 

Demo pro Linda gives a guided tour

What’s Cooking?

“Show, don’t tell” is the maxim of the storyteller and that’s exactly what the demo does. Imagine meeting Keith Richards and saying: “They say you’re one of the greatest guitarists in the world. Can you prove it?” Whereupon he breaks out his 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard and shreds a searing rendition of Satisfaction

In much the same way, we have many reasons to lay claim to providing the best business VoIP solution in South Africa. The Voys product, product features and platform – aptly named Freedom – leaves the competition in the dust. The functionality, features and seamless ease of use are unparalleled. Can we prove it? That we most certainly can. Since the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, we highly recommend the irresistible confection served up by the lovely lads and ladies of Voys.

The Freedom dashboard at a glance

Sheer Driving Pleasure

Our demos are no longer than 30 minutes and are custom-designed to meet specific needs. For the prospective customer and customers who have already signed up via our unique Zero Touch System (ZTS), this is your chance to get behind the wheel and see what this baby can do.  

During the demo, our “demolishers” share their screens and create a dummy account for you in order to conduct a thorough walkthrough in which they bring to life all the features, answer all your questions and show you how quick and easy it is for you to hit the ground running. Many of our customers drive Freedom like seasoned pros within hours of signing up. And, if you experience any speed-wobbles or hit any potholes, our famous tech-support ninjas are on call to sort you out at the drop of a hat.

Since Freedom is designed to be run completely autonomously by the user, the demo is a marvellous opportunity to check out all the cool stuff you can do with it. Such as choosing between geographic and non-geographic numbers; porting out existing numbers; choosing your hold music; recording your own messages (or having one of our professional voiceover artists do it for you) and checking customer and colleague availability. And, last but by no means least, how you can determine what combination of hard-phone, Voys webphone and Voys app you need to create a complete cloud-based business PBX second to none.

This is also your opportunity to enquire about some of the platform’s more advanced features, such as those little miracle-workers called webhooks as well as Voys’ industry-leading CRM integrations and MS Teams integrations. The demolishers are furthermore eager to explain to you just how Freedom manages to completely Eskom-proof your business.

Krisanne in the driver’s seat

That’s All, Folks!

At the end of the demo, any and all intimidating tech jargon will have been completely demystified. The demo reveals that endowing your business with the most professional, sophisticated and stable cloud-based PBX in the land not only adds tremendous value to your business but is one of the easiest and most rewarding tech challenges you will ever overcome. Or, as another contented customer so succinctly put it: “Voys makes complex processes simple.”

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