Grow Your Business Resilience with a Load-Shedding Resistant Telephony System  

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Alex Sudheim

31 Jul 2023 Clock 2 min

Freedom is the bespoke business telephony platform designed, developed and operated by Voys. One of the many features that separates Freedom from the pack is its inherent ruggedness and ability to operate effortlessly under the most trying conditions. This is particularly vital for businesses in South Africa, who have to factor the reality of load-shedding into their growth and operational strategies. 

Built Tough

We pride ourselves on the fact that Freedom is South Africa’s most load-shedding resistant business telephony platform. However, it’s one thing to claim such a thing; another thing entirely to prove it.

To that end, the multimedia design wizards in the Voys in-house agency have created a simple, elegant explainer video that demonstrates exactly HOW Freedom beats the business load-shedding blues. 

If a local server goes down, a server in another geographic location seamlessly takes over. Regardless of the power status in your area, your business system continues to run in the cloud.

Made of Sterner Stuff

If load-shedding is the big, bad wolf huffing and puffing at your door to blow the lights out, Freedom is the house made of brick. All of its inhabitants are safely ensconced within, enjoying a nice hot cup of tea and happily conversing with their customers while the wolf runs out of puff, gives up and goes in search of less formidable opposition.

The system is optimised to automatically detect device availability and route calls accordingly.

Customer Experience

Although we would never make up improbable stories or perpetuate preposterous untruths, you don’t only have to take our word for it. Many of our customers are delighted by the inherent resilience of the Freedom platform and have told us as much. 

“After struggling with connectivity issues using other providers – especially during load-shedding – I Googled ‘load-shedding resistant VoIP’ and that’s how we found Voys,” says one satisfied customer. “That’s probably been our best decision ever. If we knew then what we know now, we would have started with Voys,” they conclude.

If all inbuilt failovers still result in the call going unanswered, it will be directed to voicemail. The voicemail is then sent to your email address as an audio file.

So there you have it. If load-shedding is giving your business the blues and compromising your crucial customer communications, switch to Mzansi’s best-loved, most feature-rich and most resilient business telephony platform. 

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