Adjusting Your Dial Plan: Now Easier Than Ever

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Alex Sudheim

14 Oct 2022 Clock 2 min

One of the many benefits of using Freedom from Voys is that you can customise the availability of your company according to your specific needs at any time. Enjoying a holiday, leaving work early or adding an option-based menu? There’s a good chance you’ll have to adjust your dial plan to accommodate this. While all adjusted settings are immediately live, we have added a new editing mode which ensures that adjusting your dialplan is even more user-friendly.

Adjusting your Dial Plan

At present, all changes to the dial plan are implemented immediately. You can therefore no longer go back to the previous version of the dial plan. Being able to do so has its obvious advantages; however sometimes you might want to revert to the previous version of the dial plan. This is why we have implemented a change that makes adjusting dial plans simpler and better: the edit mode in the dial plan.

Stay Reachable with Dial Plan Edit Mode

In the new version of editing a dial plan, the changes are no longer implemented in real-time. During the adjustment, you remain available as you were before you started adjusting the dial plan. This is especially useful for complicated dial plans. You can take your time getting the dial plan right and only make it live when you are completely satisfied with it. 

Display Mode vs Edit Mode

The dial plan has two modes: display mode and edit mode. The display mode is the dial plan that is currently live: when a call comes in, it will go through the steps as shown in the graphic below. In this example, on an incoming call, the user has called for 20 seconds. If you want to make changes to this, it is not possible to do so in display mode. As you can see, you cannot add steps below or above the “User” icon.

If you need to change your dial plan, press the “Change dial plan” button. You will then enter the editing mode of the dial plan. Here you can make the necessary changes. To improve ease of use, the dial plan of the display mode remains active in the background. When all the desired changes have been made, you can save the changes and the dial plan is converted to display mode. It is therefore now live. You can of course also cancel changes made in the editing mode, in which case nothing will be adjusted.

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