3 Ways Voys Freedom is Helping Businesses on Fibre

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Alex Sudheim

5 Jul 2016 Clock 2 min
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If you’ve recently switched to a fibre connection, one of your other office accomplishments is probably switching to Voice over IP (VOIP) to save on call costs and make the most of your fibre line. You may have found that there are certain features of your VOIP solution that are just not as user-friendly or accessible as you need them to be. Voys had these and other user challenges in mind when we developed our VOIP telephone system. At Voys, we get a lot of questions about how Freedom, our business grade VoIP phone system, makes having VOIP simple and easier to use. In this post, we’ve answered 3 common questions that explain the practical features that all businesses need, but never thought they could get control of. These are features available through our secure and easy-to-use self-service web portal. As a Voys Freedom customer, you’ll be able to manage your VOIP telephone system without logging a ticket or waiting for a technician.

Here are the most frequently asked questions:

#1  I’m out of the office regularly. How easy is it to manage call forwarding for my VOIP system?

Voys Freedom gets around the complexity in 3 easy steps. All you need to do is log into your admin account, choose where to send your calls and save the setting. You’ll be able to forward calls to internal extensions for a colleague to pick up or forward your calls directly to your smartphone. Unlike traditional VOIP systems, we’ve designed the Voys Freedom smartphone app. It’s free and you can it use to manage your availability on the go.

#2  I have a new hire starting soon. How long will it take to get her connected?

Adding (and removing) users can be done in less than 1 minute. In your admin account, create the extension of the new hire and save the setting. Since Voys Freedom is cloud-based, even if your new hire is situated at a satellite office, getting her connected is as simple as logging into your admin account and adding the new team member. Making and receiving calls is possible using our free Voys Freedom softphone app or by ordering a Voys pre-configured, plug-and-play IP phone.

#3  I need to track our expenses. Can I do that with Voys Freedom?

Yes. A favourite for a lot of our customers is the call stats and reporting feature. Our real-time call stats and logging feature is built to track and measure every inbound and outbound call, helping you control call spending. The detailed call records help you track which numbers were called, how long the calls were and who makes the most calls – down to the second and cent. VOIP business solutions don’t need to be complicated, especially at Voys. With customers saving 30% to 60% on call costs, Voys Freedom is a simpler way for you to get more control over your office line and still save on your calls.

Looking for a simpler way to manage your office line and save on call costs?

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