Arnoud Oosten

Indirect sales

Hi there Arnoud, what do you do at Voys?
I amesponsible for indirect sales channels like resellers, referrals, affiliate and outsourced sales. I also dedicate a part of my time to our foundation 48percent as a Community and Project Coordinator.

Allright, and why do you like working here?
You can work on a variety of projects and own several roles in the company. You can do this work from any place you like.

How do you spend your free time?
I love to be in or on the water, so I made this into a lifestyle. Next to that I like to spent time with my friends and colleagues.. making new memories.

Last question: for what can we wake you up in the middle of the night?
My night’s rest is sacred, but you can always wake me up for a crypto bull run.