Use your on-site PBX and also benefit from our awesome call rates

If you have your own VoIP server (PBX), but would still like to enjoy our awesome call rates, a Voys SIP trunk is what you need.

Don’t have a PBX? Check out the possibilities that Voys Freedom offers.

Using your own PBX has a couple of advantages compared to hosted VoIP. Most services like IVR’s, Queues and Opening Hours are already available on the server.

The downside, however, can be the need for maintenance and the technical know-how required for SIP-Trunks. When you choose our hosted PBX service you don’t loose functionality and are sure to receive maximum uptime, automatic updates and maintenance without the investment in a PBX.

First class VoIP trunking from Voys. From as little as R60 per month.

What do you need?

All you need is a SIP trunk and phone numbers.

Pricing of Voys SIP Trunks

Once-offSubscription per month
SIP Trunk (2 channels)R 200R 40
Extra channel (per channel)R 100R 20

Benefits of a Voys SIP Trunk

Why choose our Trunk?

  • Crystal-clear call quality: better than your regular phone line
  • Set up within one business day
  • Trunk scales with your business
  • Retaining your phone number and new numbers is possible
  • No contract, no lock-ins. Cancel anytime you want



Call us for more information about Voys SIP Trunks at 021 012 5000.