Voys 4G-app

A complete phone system in your pocket with the Voys 4G smartphone app.

Curious about working from any location?

Contact one of our VoIP experts on 021 012 5000 or request more information. Easily configure the app with this manual.

Location independent calling

The Voys 4G-app

Discard your desk phone and only use your smartphone. Or keep it and use them together. The freedom is yours. Telephony the way you want it.

Do you want to be available on your office phone number, no matter where you are? Become a Voys customer and use the app. Sign up for as little as R70 per month, including app, self-service web portal and a (non-)geographic phone number.

The advantages of the Voys app

  • Call with your office number from anywhere.
  • Your customers only see your office number and no longer your private cell number
  • No more cell reimbursements for business calls. Everything conveniently billed on one company invoice.
  • Update the telephonic availability of your business in real-time wherever you are.
  • With the 4G-app you no longer pay for forwarded calls.

Voys: The telephone service provider for businesses.

Voys provides telephone services for businesses. A phone system in the cloud, phone numbers in all geographic areas, phones, apps and integrations. Businesses experience true freedom and optimal availability.

You control your telephonic availability via a beautifully simple online portal, contracts can be cancelled anytime and we provide excellent support.

Ready for real telephone freedom?

Experience the advantages of the app. Sign up and download the latest version in the AppStore or Playstore.