VoIP Reseller Opportunities

Become a VoIP provider with Voys Telecom's reseller opportunities. Offer a full-blown white label Hosted PBX to your clients.

Reseller opportunities being sold by a Voys colleague on the phone

Voys White Label Partner Program

Voys’ partner program is a wholesale white label offering. You get to offer all functionality that Voys offers. Our self-service web portal will be rebranded with your logo and colours.

Customers are your customers. You will handle signups, gather required (RICA) documents, setup, billing of customer and offer all support to your customer. Voys will never contact your customer directly.

What Voys offers

Partner discounts

As a partner, you receive discounts on the retail rates for calls and services. The discount increases as your total turnover increases. Partners are free to set their own pricing. Your rates may be higher or lower than Voys’ retail rates.

Tools and Training

Upon joining, every Partner receives support to assist them with everything from onboarding to resolving customer issues. Included is up to 8 hours of 1-on-1 online training. Support documentation and online videos are made available to assist with best practices and configuration settings.

Responsibilities of partner

  • Find and sign-up customers
  • Manage the entire relationship with your customers. Including:
    • Customer training
    • Change management
    • Technical support
    • Communications
    • Billing your customers and getting paid

Other responsibilities

  • Source, set up, and sell all necessary supported hardware to implement the service properly.
  • Advise on suitable connectivity for voice traffic.

Call quality and a reliable service is dependent on the last mile connectivity. 95% of call quality issues are related to last mile connectivity. As a Partner, it is critical you take our advice and implement appropriate connectivity for voice. If you look after the connectivity and respond to customer support swiftly, you will have satisfied customers.

Voys provides you with the tools, technology, training and support to help make your service business successful. But it is you, not Voys, that has the relationship with your customers. Voys never contacts Partners’ customers.

Responsibilities of Voys

Voys supports you on technical issues unsolvable through normal methods provided in the initial training and online help resources. Voys provides a solid carrier-grade platform and +10 years experience in Hosted VoIP.


Voys bills you at discounted pricing. We send 1 invoice on the first weekday of each month.
You can export customer billing items in CSV-format on the 1st weekday of each month and import in your preferred invoicing application.

Call rates

National call rates are fairly stable and only updated occasionally and with fair notice.
International call rates are updated every calendar month and can be downloaded from our website.

Payment terms

Payment terms are strictly Prepaid. Prepaid credit can be uploaded by means of credit card or instant EFT. All prices in this document and on the Voys website exclude 15% VAT.


To qualify for our reseller opportunities, your company must:

  • Be a registered business;
  • Have a spotless trading history and pass credit checks;
  • Have a current customer base that it is servicing;
  • Be providing your customers with IT related services and support;
  • Sign up with distributors for purchase of Yealink IP phones and other necessary equipment;
  • Have a good understanding of and be willing to learn about networks and connectivity in respect to voice traffic to ensure the customer has good call quality and overall experience.
  • A meeting at the Voys office in Cape Town is required.

When providing hosted PBX services the most important aspect is managing the connectivity of the phones to the Hosted PBX environment. VoIP phones run on a customer’s local network and then over a dedicated or prioritized connection. Partners need a good understanding of local networks, Internet connectivity and basic routing.

Why Voys

  • First class carrier-grade network
  • Most advanced platform
  • More than 12 years experience in Hosted VoIP
  • Full white label offering: your brand on the product

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