Natalie Pardenwachter

Voys South Africa

So, here’s the deal. I love dogs, people, food and beer (Yip, in that order). I simply enjoy conversing with myself out loud and often break out in song when I’m alone. I’m generally happy-go-lucky with a very positive outlook on life and every daily challenge I face. I have a wicked sense of humour (at least that’s what Athini & Roxy says), always trying to make everyone around me laugh. I also love nature, spending time at the beach and reading. It is great working with our young and dynamic team here in Cape Town. I love helping my colleagues and adding value to all our South African clients’ daily experiences.

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De 15 minuten zijn verlopen. Dat betekent dat je nummer(s) niet meer zijn gereserveerd.

Als je het snel nogmaals probeert zou het kunnen dat je jouw gekozen nummer(s) nog kunt redden van andere kapers op de kust.  Maar hier geldt wel: weg = pech

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